Professor Ross D. King is a Professor of Machine Intelligence in the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester working at the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology and Machine Learning and Optimisation (MLO) group. His Robot Scientist “Adam” (see below) was the first machine to hypothesise and experimentally confirm scientific knowledge. His new robot “Eve” is searching for drugs against neglected tropical diseases. His work on this subject has been published in the top scientific journals, Science and Nature, and has received wide publicity. Long with his team at The University of Manchester he is currently developing a computer, or rather a Nondeterministic Universal Turing Machine (NUTM) using DNA molecules.

















Ross spoke to me in February 2018 to discuss his fascinating and ground breaking research. Along with his research we also discussed a broad range of bewildering subjects starting from the fundamentals of computing with the mathematical idea of a Turing Machine to the idea of a Nondeterministic Universal Turing Machine (NUTM) and DNA Computing. We also discuss Quantum Computing, self-modifying biomechanical systems, artificial intelligence, King’s robot scientists Adam & Eve and his collaboration with the band The Shamen in the 90’s to create music from DNA!

Ross D. King

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