Hannah Patching works in building conservation and is my partner and long-time walking companion. We live and work in Glasgow, Scotland.


This conversation was recorded in April 2018 whilst on a walk with our dog Fingal from our flat in Glasgow to Rouken Glen Park.


During our conversation we talk about the enduring process of making the film through the fond, but often difficult memories of filming it throughout the UK over a period of five years - whilst ostensibly also being on holiday at the same time. We also discuss the fallibility of shared memories, the academic and personal ideas behind the making of the film and subject matter and the emotional toll an artistic endeavour can take on a relationship. The conversation was recorded as an audio recording and is accompanied by ‘behind-the-scenes’ videos and photos (also see below) recorded by both Hannah and myself of the places we visited during the production of the film.


This is an abridged version of our full conversation, a number of other subjects were also discussed that feature in the film.

Hannah Patching & Myles Painter